Swedish Massage/Relaxation Massage is a great way to improve your health both physically & mentally. Swedish massage offers a variety of strokes and pressure techniques to enhance the flow of blood to the heart, remove waste products from the tissues, stretch ligaments and tendons, and ease physical and emotional tension.  Massage can benefit those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, TMJ, repetitive strain injuries, as well as neck pain, back pain, chronic pain, and respiratory conditions. Massage is also recognized as valuable for improving circulation of blood and lymph, relaxing tense muscles, reducing pain, improving flexibility, inducing general relaxation, restoring energy, improving sleep, and promoting healthy skin. Swedish massage uses a combination of slow and swift gliding strokes with both gentle and firm pressure.  This is a good choice for people who may have never had a massage before.

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscles and helps to release tight painful muscles, repetitively strained muscles, and help muscles to recover from injury. Deep tissue massage is a remarkable tool for helping to manage stress, anxiety or depression.  Deep tissue massage helps with injury rehabilitation, post-exercise soreness, pain or tingling in arms or legs, injuries, and injury prevention, as well as pain or restriction in joints. This type of therapeutic sports massage is preferred by athletes for optimum maintenance and overall wellbeing. The deep tissue pressure is adjusted to the level of preference for each individual client.

Oncology Massage is a way of helping those with a cancer diagnosis on their healing journey. Massage therapy for those with cancer or a history of a cancer diagnosis is appropriate for any stage and path as long as it is provided by a massage therapist with advanced training.  Massage is beneficial for management of side effects of cancer treatment, including nausea, pain, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. This is a very different type of massage that provides more nurturing during the session than a traditional session. We often hear the question, “Will massage cause the cancer to spread?”. The answer is massage therapy will not spread cancer. During an oncology massage session, solid tumors are avoided, but the whole person is definitely tended to.  There is a special health intake form for you to complete and if you are in active treatment a physician permission form that can be completed by your physician or nurse practitioner.

Chair Massage (On and Off Site Available) a seated massage usually lasting 5 – 30 minutes, which is the length of a typical work break. It is done using no oil, while you sit, fully clothed, in a specially designed portable chair. The massage usually covers the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands but can be adapted to the individual’s needs.  Off-site chair massage can be arranged at your business for employees or customers, or for special events.

Reiki uses “Universal Life Energy” to address both chronic and acute conditions, which gently and powerfully promotes balance among all the body’s systems, as well as the normal regenerative processes of the body and mind. Many ancient cultures embraced the belief that life energy flows throughout the body and deeply effects our wellbeing. Any imbalances or disruptions in the life energy flow can correlate to physical, mental, and emotional illness. Reiki complements medical treatment, massage therapy, psychological counseling, and is appropriate for patients in any state of health. Reiki is gentle enough to offer support and reduce discomfort of pain on many levels. Many patients report a feeling of deep relaxation and a sense of well being.